About Us

Community Corrections is responsible for the supervision of convicted adult felons whom the courts and parole board have placed in the community under a limited, structured state of freedom. The overall goal is to protect the community by helping offenders become law-abiding, contributing citizens. Community Corrections is normally located at the county level of government, either under the administration of county commissioners or sheriffs. In a couple instances, it is administered by the Oregon Department of Corrections.

OACCD Membership consists of the Director of each County Parole and Probation office in the State of Oregon; we meet bi-monthly.

AboutPrograms commonly operated within Community Corrections are probation and parole supervision, day reporting, correctional treatment and work release. What is significant about this? In Oregon, there are currently about 16,000 adult offenders on probation supervision and another 19,000 on parole supervision at an average cost of $10 per person per day, as compared with 20,000 incarcerated in jail and prison at approximately $70 per day.

We invite you to use this website as a way to learn more about Community Corrections in Oregon.


OACCD Charters

Abbreviation OACCD Liaison
FAUG John Watson, Jackson County
FSN Lee Cummins/Mary Hunt
FVSN Laura Ritchie, Multnomah County
SOON Lee Cummins/Mary Hunt
SOSN Jeff Wood, Marion County


Other OACCD Committees/Assignments/Appointments

Committee                                                           Representative/Liaison

Corrections Population Forecast Advisory     Jeff Wood

DPSST Corrections Policy Committee              Kristine Hawthorne, Clatsop County

Governor’s CJIS Advisory Board                       Tanner Wark, Deschutes County

Governor's Justice Reinvestment Grant          Kiki Parker-Rose, Klamath County

Governor’s Reentry Council:                             Chris Hoy, Clackamas County

Governor's Task Force on Public Safety          Scott Taylor, Multnomah County

Legislative Committee:                                       Steve Berger, Washington County

Assessment/Case Plan Committee                    Pat Schreiner, Multnomah County

Oregon State Compact Council                          Jake Greer, Lake County

Sex Offender Treatment Board                           Randy Settell, Yamhill County

Statewide Training Committee                           Erika Pruitt, Multnomah County